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Urban vs. Urban Friendly

Published August 29, 2010

I was in downtown Chicago yesterday for three business meetings.

Plus…where else can you go to a big city that smells like concrete and donuts?

Chicago is pretty bike lovely thanks to Mayor Daley.
I noticed there’s plenty of the urban hipdick single speeders floating around. And happened to see (sorry no pic of it) a pretty cool old Raleigh that was sandblasted and patina rusted just like the the Daley center Picasso with wood fenders and Grant Peterson’ esque handle bars all locked up nice and pretty. I call those urban bikes. All ‘tuded out and color coordinated in their simplicity.

But for every one of those there was 10 of what i like to call urban friendly bikes. Non skinny tires to clobber curbs. Squishy saddles for skirts and suits. Flat pedals for easy on and off. Chain guards. Wanker brand names with gears to go fast or go uphill. And that’s the future of cycling in America in the metro worlds.
Not to say I don’t love riding my old Miyata Pista track bike that I’ve converted. But when I see the urban friendly dealio I get all weepy. (not kidding) I just want to pull them over to the side of the road for a moment, thank them and hug’em.
Because that’s what saves people time, money, oil, hassle, traffic and reduces our dependence on foreign crude.
Just think if 10 percent of us did it? What a difference. Maybe that’s why I get weepy. Cuz these people, for whatever motivation, are difference makers. And that’s one way to fight terrorism, eh?


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