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Ding Dong The Segway Is Dead, Long Live The Bicycle

Published September 30, 2010

Bummer… about the British millionaire businessman who bought Segway last year.

He hucked himself and his two wheeled freak show rig over a 30 foot cliff in England. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.  

Segway’s owner Jimi Heselden was a generous philanthropist and will be missed.  But in my mind his product won’t be.  Let’s face it, over the last nine years this electric transportation machine of fat cops should have been more aptly dubbed a ‘PR’ machine.  

Maybe I’m irked because it stole much of the urban friendly bike businesses thunder.   The media is powerful and hallucinatory humans actually thought that’s how they’d be getting around in the city when it became more “affordable”. 

Well, from now on no earthling in their right mind is going to trust or buy this vehicle because this accident hits much harder than a Toyota’s schticky gas pedal.  

So I’ll cruelly and coldly suggest for the bike biz to capitalize on the death of the Segway (not Heselden).  If you get a chance, remind people that bikes are familiar, they’re like family.  

Being in the bike business we should all be glowing about the fact that human powered two wheeled is good, easy to control and the learning curve is already there. Bottom line? Riding a bike is as easy as the saying goes.  

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