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“Reversibility Is Good” or “Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain”

Published October 14, 2010

It has been said having a high level of reversibility on a business decision can be a good thing. 

Of course, an example of low reversibility would be a neck tattoo.  After reading the recent Interbike press release I’m wondering if their presto-chango ‘Back to Vegas’ decision was by design or by accident? 

First I’d like to congratulate the show director for some fabulous spin after a huge beeyatch slap that almost the entire industry threw down on him. To translate his statement? “Our ramjob on the industry to move the show didn’t work so now we’ll concede because well….we’re big, bad Nielsen and we can do stuff like this”  

Think of it like a Monopoly game and they just pulled out their get out of jail free card.

The good news is they did something positive about a big objection that came up. And technically the beef wasn’t so much about the location change but about the date change. (What do you mean the Italians won’t come in August?) 

The not so good news is hopefully your organization didn’t bust a move too soon on the move out of Nevada. Meaning you cancelled rooms, moved booths out of Vegas warehouses and/or threw away the phone number of your fave female (or male) local escort. Because if you did react quickly….well it’s time to reverse yourself just like Interbike.

Finally, the last day of the show as I said goodbye to colleagues I cracked the joke , “I’ll never see you in Vegas again.” Which means I’m going to have to reverse myself when I see you next September in lovely Las Vegas.

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