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Diane Jenks' open letter to the industry

Published August 23, 2021

An Open Letter To The Bicycle Industry

As an industry, we have always seemed to be somewhat un-connected to one another - manufacturers, distributors, especially the independent - and I emphasize independent - bicycle retailer.

BUT, if there has ever been a time when we need and should be united, it is right now.

There are 350 athletes - women and girls - who need to be evacuated from Afghanistan IMMEDIATELY and you can help.

They are burning their bicycle clothes. They are burning their diplomas and anything else that will make them look educated, informed. They are looking at their entire past lives as lost. They need help and they need to know that there is a future for them.

Contact your legislators to bring their attention to these terrified and brave people; donate to the resettlement fund that has been established, share the plight of these women with everyone you know - we can and must get them out.

You can help! It's that simple!

Diane Jenks
Host/Producer of The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast


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