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Bianchi Launches 2008 Line in Italy

Published October 16, 2007

TREVIGLIO, Italy (BRAIN)—Thirty-five bicycle publications from across the globe attended Bianchi’s recent two-day 2008 bike launch.

Most impressive from Bianchi for ‘08 has to be the new T-cube and C2C lines. The T-Cube frameset (32 ounces) features a special blend of IMS600 + M40 + HTA fibers, allowing Bianchi to produce a frame that has high modulus, high elongation and very important high strength properties.

“This fabrication process allows Bianchi to provide the end consumer a frame that meets the strict standards of our B4P (Born for Performance Family),” said Mark Ashley, national sales manager for Bianchi USA. “The frame itself is very light weight, very stiff with a racing geometry that can excel on all fronts when it comes to multiple purpose racing.” Suggested retail run from $5,800 (Dura Ace) to $3,300 (Veloce).

For full story, check out the Sept 1 Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. —Jason Norman

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