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Look USA Pushing Pedal to Carbon

Published October 16, 2007

SAN JOSE, CA (BRAIN)—Traditionally thought of as a road brand, Look Cycle USA is looking to make strides with its mountain bike line for 2008.

Look recently held its first media day and dealer get together in the last couple of years in the Bay Area. This was an important step in regaining momentum within media circles, since parting ways with distributor Veltec Sports more than a year ago.

“We wanted to bring 100 percent focus to the brand,” said Ming Tan, vice president of marketing for Look USA, of the split. “It needed more attention. It needed its own focus.”

This renewed focus seems to be paying off with Look’s new mountain bike pedal, Quartz. What makes Quartz so special is the design: “It’s proprietary to the brand,” Tan said. Quartz is a natural extension of Look’s Keo road pedal launched three years ago, Tan said.

Quartz looks nothing like the existing pedal designs on the market. It was designed with three key components in mind: mud evacuation, pedal platform surface area and weight.

“There are no coil springs on this pedal,” Tan said. “Coil springs take up space. This is a new technology.”

The pedal’s simple design provides full hollow sections along its axle, making mud shedding more efficient under the worst conditions.

The Quartz comes in at three price points: Quartz Carbon Ti ($399), Quartz Carbon ($199) and Quartz ($99).

The use of titanium on the Quartz Carbon Ti makes the axle much lighter with no compromise on reliability. The pedal weighs a paltry 3.49 ounces (99 grams).

For complete story, check out the Sept 1 Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. —Jason Norman

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