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Io Dupont Changing Face of Cable Market

Published October 24, 2008

BOISE, ID (BRAIN)—Almost five years ago Tony DuPont, founder of Io DuPont and inventor of Power Cordz, realized significant gains could be made by utilizing synthetic fibers for the construction of bicycle control cables.

DuPont pondered that as alternative materials like carbon fiber are becoming commonplace in the bicycle market, why not create a control cable system that rivals the attributes of carbon fiber in its application? He immediately set out to create a cable system that was significantly lighter than steel yet just as strong. The end result is Power Cordz, a synthetic fiber control cord that is 75 percent lighter than steel versions and will not corrode or permanently deform like old-fashioned steel cables.

For 2009, Power Cordz enthusiasts will finally receive the long awaited 1.2-millimeter Derailleur Cordz, which is even lighter than the 1.5-millimeter Derailleur Cordz and will solve virtually all issues involving shifter and housing compatibility.

Also available will be the new Windsor Clasp, which is designed to provide a quick and secure connection to your brakes when using Road & Mountain Cordz.

“It’s a great improvement over our old design because assembly time is drastically reduced and it features a traditional look making it invisible to the untrained eye,” DuPont said.

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