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Brev.M Launches Web Site

Published November 16, 2009

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Brev M., a new urban cycling component company produced by Masi, has launched its new Web site (click on link) as well as a Facebook page and new Twitter stream.

“We’re very excited to be that much closer to finally having the brand and products in the shops and in consumers hands," said Tim Jackson, brand manager of Brev M.

The Brev M. brand is a new urban cycling parts and accessories line that was debuted at this year’s Interbike in Las Vegas and is a new product range extension of the Masi Bicycles brand. Though the two brands share some resources and an address, they are operated very independently. Jackson said Brev M. will be marketed very much towards the urban cycling audience and will rely heavily on social media to promote and build the brand.

In the future, Brev M. intends to develop a BMX-style “flow” team of urban riders, alley cat racers and fixed gear freestyle riders. The brand will focus on stylish design and reasonably priced products that are influenced by the emerging trends in the marketplace. “We don’t plan on letting things get old or stale and we’ll be changing colors, designs and graphics as the market changes and further evolves," Jackson said.

For now, the brand’s product range is limited to just parts—with deliveries to retailers beginning in December and January—but further expansion into soft goods, bike polo accessories and potentially framesets are being discussed. As the fixed gear/single speed market continues to evolve into different segments, Brev M. will follow those trends and create products to meet those needs. “What might be a niche for others is our entire reason to exist, so we’re taking this very seriously and will be working closely with riders to develop products that meet a need or fill a void," Jackson said.

Brev M. can be found at the following online locations:


Facebook page-


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