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Ibert Safe-T-Seats Get British Safety Cert

Published December 7, 2009

RIVERTON, UT (BRAIN)—Ibert Inc. (iBert) has earned the BS EN 14344 safety certification for its front-mounted child bicycle seat, meeting the British Standard for "child seats for cycles."

The certification confirms that the iBert safe-T-seat:

* Is designed for and capable of carrying children between 20-49 pounds (9-22 kilograms) or ages 9 months-5 years old;

* Has a good restraint system, with a child-proof quick release buckle, that holds the child in place; and

* Met requirements for strength and durability, among others, during high-and low-temperature testing.

Before completing the necessary testing, European consumers were limited to purchasing the iBert safe-T-seat on the Web through one of iBert's many online distributors.

"Our seat design has always complied with the existing standards for child bike seats in the U.S., but meeting the British Standard for front-mount child seats was a 'must-have' for accepting orders from store fronts in Europe," said Kelly Eissinger, founder of iBert and creator of the safe-T-seat.

While Eissinger and her distributors are still finalizing the details of placing the safe-T-seat in European stores, the BS EN 14344 safety certification is one key step towards expanding into this new market.

"Recreational and urban cycling is an integral part of the European culture and using the safe-T-seat further supports that way of life," Eissinger said. "We look forward to when, in the near future, our European customers will be able to walk into their local bike shop and purchase our seat."

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the iBert safe-T-seat is $94.95 (U.S.)/ 63.20 Euro.

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