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Strava adds real-time segments to mobile apps

Published July 8, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN) — Strava has added a feature to its mobile apps to allow cyclists and runners to track their performance on specific sections of road or trail in real time. The "Real-time Segments" function had been one of the most requested features from users, Strava said.

The new feature is available now for Android device users and is expected to be available Monday afternoon for iOS users.

“Bringing segment times to athletes in real-time is huge.” said Alex Mather, head of product at Strava.  “It's incredibly rewarding to put out a hard effort and instantly see where the effort stacked up — no more waiting until the activity is finished to see the results. Segment times is just the first of some really exciting real-time features that we have in the pipeline.”

Android device users also are getting two other new features: Track Your Friends and Go Hands Free. Those new features, which will be available soon for users of iOS devices, allow Strava users to see what friends are currently out riding or running and can share real-time segments with followers. 

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