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SRAM licenses X-Sync chainring design to Accell Group, Chromag

Published January 8, 2014

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — SRAM has signed licensing deals with Accell Group and Chromag, allowing them to manufacturer chainrings using SRAM’s X-Sync design that they can distribute through their own channels.

SRAM introduced its X-Sync thick tooth/thin tooth chainring design when it debuted its 1-by drivetrains two years ago. The tooth profile resists chain drop, minimizing the need for chain guides. SRAM’s German engineering team came up with the thick/thin design and the company filed numerous patent applications covering various aspects of the design.

Thick/thin-tooth rings are made by a variety of manufacturers, and SRAM has put them on notice that it reserves the right to enforce its intellectual property in all matters relating to X-Sync. The company claims imitation rings not manufactured to proper SRAM specifications may cause rapid wear and poor mud clearance, both of which can result in dropped chains. 

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