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Not just for pancakes: maple syrup for athletes

Published July 17, 2014

RICHMOND, Vt. (BRAIN) — Professional cyclist Ted King has teamed up with Slopeside Syrup to launch UnTapped, pure organic Vermont maple syrup in portable energy packs, on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. 

“UnTapped’s maple syrup naturally delivers the energy kick and athletic nutrients sought by runners, cyclists, skiers, and anyone else playing in the outdoors,” according to the Indiegogo campaign. 

UnTapped is produced by boiling maple sap directly from a maple tree. It’s unprocessed, rich in manganese, iron, calcium and zinc. It also has essential vitamins, is high in critical amino acids and antioxidants required for proper recovery, according to the website. UnTapped also claims to have a lower glycemic index than other sugars or gels, allowing it to break down more slowly. 

“I have taken my Middlebury degree in economics, segued that into a professional cycling career for the past decade, and somewhere in the interim started a business. Perhaps you’re aware that I have a fondness for maple syrup,” King announced on his website

The New Englander is a support rider on the Cannondale Pro Team and has used the naturally low-glycemic index fuel from his home region to support bike racing. Ski racing’s Cochran family launched Slopeside Syrup four years ago, tapping maple trees in the woods around the slopes of Cochran’s Ski Area in Vermont.  

A week into the crowdfunding campaign, King and co-founders had raised about 41 percent of their $35,000 goal. 

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