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Pedego introduces Boomerang electric bike with extra-low step-through frame

Published November 13, 2014

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Pedego Electric Bikes is launching a new bike, called the Boomerang, with an extra-low step-through frame. The company did not say if the model name was inspired by the frame's appearance or by its intended customers: Baby Boomers (or both).

"A lot of people have been busy with their careers, family and other responsibilities for many years, even decades," said Pedego co-founder and CEO Don DiCostanzo. "In all that time, they've come to need a little assistance climbing on and off a bike. The Pedego Boomerang makes it a snap."

The Boomerang is available in two versions: the Pedego Boomerang and the Pedego Boomerang Plus. Both are available in Candy Apple Red or Classic Black. The basic Boomerang has a lithium ion 36-volt battery (with a 15 amp hour upgrade available) and a variable-speed throttle presented with alloy components, with an MSRP of $2,295, the same price as Pedego's original basic electric bike, the Comfort Cruiser.

For riders whose extra weight makes riding difficult, the Pedego Boomerang Plus, at $2,995, offers a pedal-assist computer that provides five levels of automatic assist upon pedaling, a 48-volt battery (with a 14.5 amp hour upgrade available), and optional mag wheels that can carry up to 450 pounds.

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