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Speedplay now shipping its Syzr offroad pedal

Published April 8, 2015

SAN DIEGO (BRAIN) — Several years in development, Speedplay Inc.'s Syzer pedals are now shipping to retailers.

“I made a wish list of performance features I wanted in this new pedal system. I quickly realized that to include them all was going to take considerable effort,” said Speedplay’s pedal designer, Richard Bryne. “I was intent on delivering each of the features, so I kept working until the design included every one. In the end, it took a combination of seven proprietary technologies distilled into one product to achieve this goal.”

Among the features is Direct Power Transfer, which Speedplay said transfers rider power through the cleats and not through the shoe's rubber sole. The Syzr also improves the precision of the pedal/cleat connection using Active Cleat Stabilization to eliminate the slop and lateral instability common to off-road pedals.

The Syzr also uses ceramic roller cams in the cleats, which the company said ensure consistent release in the muddiest of conditions. The Syzr also features open architecture to prevent mud from compacting between surfaces where it can hinder entry and release. Additionally, the cleat design provides a user-customizable, 10-degree range of non-recentering float.

Speedplay said the Syzr is suitable for road riders who want the convenience of a recessed cleat without the reduced stability of other designs. 

Most Syzr components are manufactured in the U.S., and all the pedals are hand-built at Speedplay headquarters in San Diego.

Syzr with a stainless steel spindle retails for $229. With a titanium spindle it's $420.

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