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Selle Royal launches Scientia saddle line designed to fit all riders

Published August 26, 2015

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — At Eurobike on Wednesday, Italian saddle maker Selle Royal debuted its newest line, Scientia, which was designed in conjunction with researchers from the University of Cologne in Germany. 

"We've always been know for our comfort saddles," said Monica Savio, marketing coordinator for Selle Royal. "This is our first range that has been scientifically designed and we've been working on it for two years."

The nine models in the range were created using data collected from hundreds of people to help understand fundamental design characteristics essential to optimizing comfort and overall performance on the bike for all types of riders. Researchers and product designers took into account riding position and their "Ischial variation,” or the measurement between sit bones. 

Saddles in the Scientia line share a set of research-derived features, but each model's shape and size are based on riding position and the Ischial difference. Three categories of riding positions were determined by the angle the rider's back makes in relation to the road when seated on the bike and include: athletic, for riders with a 45-degree angle between their back and the road; moderate, for riders with a 60-degree angle; and relaxed for a 90-degree, or upright, riding position.

The riding position also helped designers determine profiles and the saddle's central indent.

"The weight is distributed in different places on the saddle depending on the riding position and time spent on the bike," said Roberto Bucci, brand manager for Selle Royal. "We also took into account differences between male and female genital anatomy because that makes a difference too."

The saddles come in three widths which are determined by measuring the rider's ischial variation. Selle Royal provides retailers with a special gel measuring pad where the rider can sit and apply downward pressure. Finding the centers of the two impressions made on the pad and adding the corresponding numbers gives the ischial distance. A space 11 centimeters wide and smaller requires a size small; 11-13 centimeters is a medium; and a difference greater than 13cm is a large. 

Scientia models share several features designed for maximum comfort, including an elevated rear section to prevent backward sliding and decrease pressure in the middle of the saddle; Curva, a unique curved suspension design at the rear of the saddle's base to help distribute weight and take pressure off the sit bones; and Royalgel, a gel placed at critical points of contact on the saddle for added shock absorption.

Retailers stocking the Scientia line will also receive a POP display and a chart that clearly explains the process of finding the saddle best suited to a customer's build and riding style. "We want it to be as easy as possible for busy retailers to help all riders, including casual and touring riders, to find a better saddle fit," said Bucci. 

The Scientia line is available now, and every model — designed and made in Italy — retails for $69. 


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