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BKool adds ANT+ to trainer

Published August 31, 2015
The move makes the company's trainers compatible with other simulators

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — The latest update to the Bkool trainer includes the conversion to the ANT+ FE-C protocol. The use of ANT+ allows the trainer to be used with other indoor riding simulators, including Elite, Kinomap, Pefrpro, Maximum Trainer, Trainer Road, Veloreality and Zwift. Users can convert their Bkool trainer to ANT+ FE-C easily from the Bkool simulator.

The Bkool simulator now supports connections to Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices, which can be used to provide a full analysis of a workout. This feature can be used with Bluetooth devices from Polar, Wahoo Fitness and other brands whose products are compatible with the Bluetooth Smart standard.

"With this update to the Bkool simulator, we have added performance information on a wide range of traditional trainers in order to offer users the best possible simulator experience. Connecting these trainers to a power, speed, cadence or heart rate sensor will allow the simulator to show information on the activity being performed," the company said.


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