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Wireless generator bike lights reach Kickstarter goal

Published November 16, 2015

AARHUS, Denmark (BRAIN) — A Danish company looking to introduce a wireless, frictionless generator bike light has reached its funding goal on the crowd-funding site

The Reelight Neo light is powered by eddy currents produced by the bike's rotating aluminum rim. The technology powers two 1-watt LEDs. Front and rear versions attach to the fork or seatstays with arms that cantilever the devices out so they are in alignment with the rim and shine the light in the proper direction.

Reelight has sold another version of a wireless generator light for more than 10 years. That model requires that a pair of magnets be attached to the wheel spokes, which power a generator powering the lights. The NEO is an improvement because it doesn’t require the spoke magnets.

The company had set a $60,000 goal to pay for production. With 21 days to go, it has raised more than $68,000. The first 1,000 backers who pledged $18 or more were promised a light, to be delivered in December. The lights will eventually retail for about $60 each.

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