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Podium Imports now distributing Steadyrack in Canada

Published March 24, 2017

PENTICTON, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Podium Imports has been appointed the exclusive Canadian distributor for Steadyrack bike storage systems.

"Steadyrack is a great addition to Podium's growing bike accessory lineup, and serves a very under-exploited category in bike shops," Podium owner Brian McCoy said. "New bike sales are accessorized with one pair of shoes, one helmet and one computer, but when it comes to storage most customers will have multiple bikes at home in need of a storage solution."

Steadyrack saves space by pivoting the bike against the wall once it has been racked. It also makes racking the bike easier than most systems, because the rider never has to support the entire weight of the bike off the ground. Racks are rated to 35 kilograms (77 pounds) and are available in three configurations: for narrow-tire, wide-tire and fendered bikes.

Steadyrack sells through bike shops as well as through garage organizers, bike rack retailers and residential/commercial builders, said Steadyrack founder David Steadman.

"We regularly get inquiries from strata councils, and quick-stop businesses like coffee shops and convenience markets are making themselves bike-friendly by providing Steadyrack," Steadman said. "We are excited to have the Canadian market served through a well-respected and experienced distributor with national reach and a strong set of complementary brands."

Dealers interested in Steadyrack can contact Podium at

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