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Niner Bikes and Push Industries collaborate on new bike/shock design

Published April 21, 2017

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Niner Bikes' Colorado headquarters is just 12 miles from Push Industries, a company that does suspension service and produces its own shocks and other parts. The two companies worked together to develop a version of Push's Elevensix shock specifically for Niner's RIP 9 RDO CVA suspension design. At Sea Otter the companies are unveiling a new special edition of the Rip 9 RDO bike using the custom shock.

Push Industries owner Darren Murphy said, "Push worked with the Rip to understand its kinematics. We know this bike inside and out. We know its mechanics. And becaise of that, we can come up with a shock that is fully complementary to the Rip without any compromises."

The Rip 9 RDO: PUSH Edition will be available in eight complete bike builds, starting at $7,200 retail. The bikes will ship in May. 

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