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Suspension industry veteran Anthony Trujillo launches new brand

Published September 27, 2017
Off Street Only's first product is a hand dyno for retailers and suspension service centers.

APTOS, Calif. (BRAIN) —Anthony Trujillo, who has worked as a staff and freelance engineer for many of the top bike suspension brands, has launched his own brand, Off Street Only. The new brand will eventually offer shocks and forks; its first product, however, is a hand dyno — a tool to quickly test shocks and forks — being offered to retailers and service centers.

Trujillo has worked with companies including Fox Racing Shox, Specialized and X-Fusion. Since launching a freelance consulting business in 2011 he has worked with several more bicycle suspension brands, as well as consulted with non-bike companies such as Hosmer Dorrance Corp., which designs and manufactures custom dampers for above- and below-knee amputee products.

Trujillo is partnering with Racing Bros, a powersport suspension manufacturer founded by Vincent Chen. Trujillo and Chen worked together at X-Fusion, Fox and Specialized before Chen founded Racing Bros. 

Trujillo expects to introduce a long-travel rear shock in the next few months. Currently, he is offering two Hand Dyno models. The devices are used to quickly test a shock's function — off the bike —  to diagnose problems and as a quality control check after service. It can also be used as a retail point-of-sale tool to demonstrate the difference between shock models and to teach customers how to adjust their suspension. 

While most suspension service centers and suspension manufacturers have built their own hand dynos, Trujillo said he's not aware of any being offered commercially previously. 

The company's shock Hand Dyno will sell for $999.95 and will be available Oct. 2. A fork Hand Dyno will sell for $1,199.95 and will be available in mid-October. Off Street Only also is now offering a suspension hand pump with analog gauge that sells for $35.

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