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POC's founder launches electric motorcycle at OR/SIA show

Published January 25, 2018

DENVER (BRAIN) — Stefan Ytterborn, the founder of the Swedish protective gear brand POC, has launched an electric off-road motorcycle at the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, which opened here Thursday.

“Light, silent and clean electric off-road motorbikes will make the era of noise, disturbance, pollution and complexity a thing of the past. The category will evolve into an independent pursuit, offering action and magic in combination with responsibility and respect towards people and planet," Ytterborn said. 

Ytterborn's new company is called Cake, and its first model is the Kalk. The Kalk has a range of 50 miles and a top speed of 50 mph. The company said the model was "strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in feel and handling, and its design takes  into account the two sports’ geometry, suspension, components and handling."

The Kalk has no gears and requires no clutching. It weighs just under 150 pounds, compared to 250 pounds of a typical off-road motorcycle. Every part of the Kalk, including the frame, cockpit, wheels, tires, components, suspension and drive train, was engineered, designed and manufactured specifically for the model.  

The name Kalk was derived from kalksten, a limestone that forms the bedrock of the island of Gotland, Cake's test grounds in Sweden. The Kalk sells for $14,000. It is now available now for pre-order with a $1,000 deposit. 


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