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Alchemy offers new lower prices on complete bikes with US-made frames

Published February 5, 2018

DENVER (BRAIN) — Alchemy Bicycles said it's making "major headway" in the U.S. retail channel, and is taking the next step by offering lower prices on complete bikes.


"Alchemy has grown to a size and volume where we can negotiate the component prices with our suppliers," said Alchemy founder and owner Ryan Cannizzaro. "Combined with our improved efficiencies in manufacturing, we are seeing significant changes in our cost structure. This is allowing us to produce some extremely attractive complete bike models."

For example, the company is offering its U.S.-made Atlas carbon frame with an Ultegra group and Enve wheels, handlebar and stem at $7,000 retail. Its U.S.-made Eros titanium frame with Ultegra and Enve wheels, handlebar and stem retails for $6,500.

The company also recently announced that it was entering the international race scene for the first time this year with its Enduro World Series team. The company has signed four new independent reps recently and said it has increased its dealer base by 30 percent over a year ago. 

The company had focused on selling framesets until this year, Cannizzaro said. 

"We recognize in today's market, people really want to buy a bike that's ready to roll," he said. "Alchemy has already been gaining momentum in what most would say are very difficult market conditions, and I think the timing is right for us to focus on completes and adjust our prices accordingly."

Alchemy offers road, 'cross and mountain bikes, all made in Denver of carbon, stainless steel or titanium. More information at

The Alchemy Arktos

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