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Velogicfit launches new version of its 3D Motion fit system

Published March 14, 2018

CAMBRIDGE, New Zealand (BRAIN) — New Zealand-based bike fitting company Velogicfit has launched a new 3D Motion bike fitting system for bike retailer use.

The company said the new version of its system is easier to use and allows customers to see the effect of position changes in real time.

The company launched its first version in 2015 and says it offered the first cycling-specific motion capture system to use coloured passive markers, which Velogicfit says provides better accuracy and ease of use than the more common harness-based systems.

Velogicfit's technical director David Bowden said the new version is easier to use.

"Our biggest hurdle was that the system relied on being able to clearly identify colors – and that meant background color and lighting in the fitting areas had to be carefully considered. We also felt there were too many steps to collecting and collating the data.

"So, we've spent six months giving the system a major overhaul, offering a much simpler user experience, both in using the system and for setting up the fit area. The technology also provides a cutting-edge experience for the customer."

In the new version of 3D Motion, the 3D camera instantly picks up unique reflective-printed VF tape markers to deliver live rider data at 30 frames per second. Background color is no longer an issue and lighting is only relevant to the clarity of the video. With little risk of the markers peeling off during a fit, the stability of the measurements is enhanced.

"The 3D technology enables our software to provide information that the fitter may not easily see just by watching a rider," said Bowden. "We're talking movements that are millimeters either way but, added up, can impact on a rider's comfort and performance."

The system has been simplified to three main screens: initial setup, capture and report. Video and images of each capture are automatically saved to a folder specific to each fit. And the report is saved into Microsoft Word, so Fitters can modify it as required.

Existing users of 3D Motion were immediately upgraded to Version 2 as part of their service agreement.

Velogicfit 3D Motion is being used by retailers in 18 countries and has been translated into two languages. Product support (technology, tools and training) is available from Velogicfit hubs in the USA, Asia, Europe and Australasia.

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