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Enve introduces new gravel wheel series at Dirty Kanza expo

Published June 1, 2018

EMPORIA, Kan. (BRAIN) — Enve unveiled its new G Series gravel racing wheels at the Dirty Kanza's All Things Gravel expo here on Friday.


The series includes two wheelsets: the G23 (700c) and G27 (650b).

"The G Series wheels meet specific design objectives that represent Enve's take on a purpose-built gravel wheel," the company said. "These objectives include lightweight for efficiency and speed, optimized rim widths for specific tire volumes, tubeless construction, anti-flat technology, structural durability, and unprecedented ride quality."

Enve said the G Series tubeless clinchers are the lightest clincher rims the brand has ever brought to production. At 330 grams and 320 grams respectively, the G23 and G27 rims can be assembled into wheelsets that weigh less than 1,300 grams.

Enve's VP of product and consumer experience, Jake Pantone, said, "Given that gravel bikes are generally unsuspended or at best, lightly suspended, we aimed to develop a rim with more vertical compliance and energy absorption to deliver more comfort, confidence, impact toughness, and ultimately speed to the gravel ride experience."

The rims feature a bell-shaped rim profile that Enve said aids in weight saving and lets the rim respond to the ground's surface for a more smooth and efficient ride.

The G Series is backed by Enve's 5-year warranty, which covers impact damage. The rims use Enve's "Wide Hookless Bead" technology that was introduced in the brand's M Series wheels. Enve said the technology reduces pinch flatting and prevents rim cracking.

The G Series G23 is a 700c rim with an internal rim width of 23 mm and is optimized for tires between 35 and 45mm. The G Series G27 is a 650b rim with an internal rim width of 27 mm and is optimized for tires between 2.0 and 2.25 inches. The G Series is available now and shipping to North America customers. Global shipments will begin in early July.

Rims retail for $999. Wheelsets are $2,800. 

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Enve launched the wheels in Kansas on Friday.

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