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Everysight opens web store for Rapter AR smartglasses

Published August 2, 2018

HAIFA, Israel (BRAIN) — Everysight, which has been building interest in its heads-up cycling smart glasses since at least 2015, has now turned on its webstore for consumer direct sales in the U.S., Canada, EU and UK. The Raptor glasses are selling for $649.

The company had previously fulfilled pre-orders on an invitation basis. This is the first time they are available for regular ordering. The company has told BRAIN that it is considering sales through IBDs in the future. 

Everysight's parent company is an Israeli military supplier that develops heads up displays for fighter pilots and other applications. The Raptos overlays a semi-transparent screen onto the lens, show information including heartrate, cadence, speed, power, distance and more. The Raptor has built-in GPS and navigation features, a speaker, a camera, and Bluetooth. It can record ride data to be uploaded to third-party apps.

Everysight also is selling a handlebar remote controler, prescription frames and several tints of replacement lenses.

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