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Italian Bicycle Group to distribute JARVIS smart trainer in the US

Published January 22, 2020

CASTLE PINES, Colo. (BRAIN) — Colorado-based distributor Italian Bicycle Group N.A. is now distributing the JARVIS smart trainer from MagneticDays.

The company's HTT Methodology is a training program based on force and rpms. Hundreds of training programs are available for the JARVIS. Cyclists' physiological parameters are inserted into the system in real time so the software can develop the training program and upload a list of workouts to be performed.

Different tools that are used during each workout include: Auto Newton, Auto Watt, Ideal Rhythms, Joule Progression Newton, RPM, Watt Progression/Watt Regression. Included with the purchase of JARVIS is an introductory session with a certified coach, a FTP test, and 12 training programs.

The JARVIS trainer is made in Italy. IBGN is currently establishing an authorized dealer network for the trainer. The MagneticDays JARVIS smart trainer MSRP is $2,000, and includes a heart rate monitor, speed sensor, and 12 training days with a certified coach session. 

The Magneticdays JARVIS smart trainer.

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