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New brand offering indoor pedal that is compatible with 5 cleat platforms

Published December 8, 2020
Five partners are bringing out a pedal that works with five platforms.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (BRAIN) — The Fit 5 pedals allow users to clip in with any of four different clipless pedal cleat platforms or with a toe clip and strap. The $149 pedals, which feature an overbuilt spindle and bearing system to handle heavy use, are intended for indoor bikes in homes or at studios.

The five-man crew behind the new pedals includes well-known industry veterans: Carl Winefordner and Frank Hermansen, the founders of Crankbrothers; Todd Latta, the former general manager of Ritchey Design Asia and director of Essanty business development in Taiwan; Mike Morgan, formerly the director at Star Trac fitness equipment; and Steve Cuomo, the owner of Biketube Brand and former head of product at Cannondale and GT. 

The company is selling at wholesale prices directly to shops. The pedals also are available direct to consumers on the Fit 5 website and Amazon. 

On one side of the pedals, they are compatible with Shimano SL, Look Delta, and Look Keo three-bolt road cleats. The other side works with two-bolt SPD mountain bike cleats. Riders using non-cleated shoes can use a platform with a toe clip and strap that clips into the road side of the pedal.The pedals are available with a toe clip platform for use with uncleated shoes. A switch converts the road side between the three cleat systems. There is also a lever to adjust entry and release tension on the road side. On the SPD side, tension can be adjusted with a hex wrench. 

Cuomo, who is handling sales and marketing for the company, said the partners initially saw a market selling to commercial cycling studios and exercise bike manufacturers. That continues, but he's been surprised at the interest from bike shops near his home office in Westchester County, New York.

"Anecdotally, the wife has a Peloton, and the husband rides a road bike. He uses Keos and she uses the Delta pedals that came with the bike ... so the (Fit 5) pedal allows them to share a bike without having to switch pedals all the time," Cuomo said. "Keep in mind this is a wealthy area with a lot of Pelotons."

The pedal's heat-treated chromoly spindle has a 15mm diameter at the inboard bearing and tapers to a 12mm diameter at the outboard bearing. Bearings are ABEC 5.  The company said its tests indicate it's the strongest pedal spindle on the market. Engineers made strength a priority because studio and gym bikes can get used for 8 hours a day. But even home stationary bike pedals are subject to larger stresses than outdoor pedals, they found. 

The company recommends against outdoor use of the pedal because of ground clearance. 

The pedal with a toe clip adapter retails for $149; without the adapter, it is $129. 

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