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Bosch unveils new 'smart system' for e-bikes, including mobile app and remote

Published September 1, 2021

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Bosch has unveiled an array of product updates for the coming seasons, including a new mobile app and a wireless remote control that increase the "digitalization" of bikes using the company's drivetrain system. 

The updates and new products bring Bosch-equipped e-bikes deeper into the Internet of Things, said Claus Fleischer, the CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

“We are convinced that the fully connected, smart e-bike will redefine the mobility of tomorrow, both for short trips in everyday life and for extended rides in leisure time” Fleischer said. “The smart system equips the e-bike with more intelligence, comfort, and safety for the mobility of the 21st century. This is how we are turning our vision of the e-bike mobility of the future into a reality, step by step.”

Bosch's new "smart system" includes the eBike Flow app for smartphones. Bosch sees the app as the central connection to the e-bike. Among other things, it facilitates over-the-air system updates, including the addition of new features. The app lets riders customize riding modes, record activities automatically, and integrate fitness apps such as Apple Health.

The e-bike system can also be controlled without an additional display using the new LED remote control unit. Using different colors, the remote's LEDs indicate the respective riding mode. The LED Remote displays the most important information such as the current battery charge status and support level. It connects to the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth.

Bosch's newest computer display, the Kiox 300, shows and records fitness data and updates wirelessly. The button-less color display is controlled via the LED Remote and is connected to the eBike Flow app.

“In the future, the e-bike will automatically adjust to the rider’s personal needs. It adapts to our riding style, suggests routes that we enjoy, and guides us safely from point A to B. It gets to know our preferences and interests and offers a perfectly tailored e-bike experience,” said Fleischer.

Bosch also released a new 750-watt PowerTube battery, the largest capacity integrated battery Bosch offers. The PowerTube 750 can be charged to 50% in just over two hours and fully charged in about six hours using the 4A Charger.

Bosch's newest Performance Line CX drive unit provides a maximum of 85 Nm of torque, which the company said provides for "a natural, dynamic and unique riding experience." The strength of the electric assist, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque can be individually set through the eBike Flow app. 

Bosch also said that its ConnectModule anti-theft feature will become more available across its line. E-bikes that are ConnectModule ready can be retrofitted with the ConnectModule in the future. The feature can trigger an acoustic alarm to deter thieves and, in the event of theft, be tracked in the eBike Flow app. 

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