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Oakley helmets will integrate smart technology to store emergency information

Published July 13, 2022

STOCKHOLM (BRAIN) — Oakley's upcoming 2023 spring helmet launch will include smart technology, allowing users to store personal safety information.

The partnership with Twiceme Technology, a Swedish safe-tech company, will utilize twlCEme technology. Data like insurance information, emergency contacts, and allergies can be uploaded to the user's profile through the twlCEme app. First-responders can access this information by holding a smartphone over the helmet's twlCEme symbol.

"Our team is on a constant pursuit of innovation, fostered by a mission to merge the worlds of technology and sport in a way that benefits all types of people, from passionate athletes to those simply looking to stay active or find leisure," said Ryan Saylor, Oakley senior vice president of product development. "Implementing twICEme into our helmets achieves that goal while providing additional safety measures for riders. This partnership will prove fruitful not only for the immediate protection of riders, but also in providing a glimpse into the future of sport as we know it."

TwICEme Technology was established in 2017, based on an idea from ex-militaries. It has since been developed in close collaboration with professional rescue teams.

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