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Thule Recalling Select Chariot Trailer Kits

Published October 26, 2011

CALGARY, Alberta (BRAIN)—As the manufacturer of Chariot products Thule has been notifying its customers in North America of a recall to select Chariot bicycle trailer kits.

This recall is being done in voluntary cooperation with the CPSC and it only affects certain Chariot carriers, while in use as a bicycle trailer.

All Chariot products have been and continue to be produced in accordance with all safety regulations available at
the time of manufacture and go through rigorous internal testing developed by the company with years of experience as a market leader.

Despite rigorous testing, Thule has determined that when certain carriers are used as a bicycle trailer, in very rare
circumstances, there could be a failure of the Chariot hitch arm and/or certain versions of the VersaWing 2.0
while in use. These failures risk separation of the carrier from the bicycle. Please be advised that the described
product failures are extremely unlikely and Thule has not received any reports of injuries.

The affected bicycle trailer kits and carriers are as follows:

(i) the hitch arm in the bicycle trailer kits (part number 20100503 and sold between October 2002 to August
2011) can crack at the outer surface near the larger hole risking a decoupling hazard if not identified by the
consumer; and/or
(ii) Carriers using the VersaWing 2.0 (carrier serial numbers between 1205-xxxx to 0710-xxxx sold between
December 2005 to August 2010) has the potential to break in the rare event of a roll-over risking a decoupling
of the trailer from the bicycle.

Thule is offering all existing owners of Chariot bicycle trailer kits, that fall within the recall population, the
opportunity to receive a free retro fit upgrade kit, which can easily install on your existing carrier. To apply for
a free retro fit upgrade kit the owner has the following options:

a. Fill out the form on line at and we will send the free upgrade kits along with
instructions to carry out the upgrade;
b. Contact Chariot Carriers at (800) 262-8651 to order the retro fit upgrade kit; or
c. Contact the retailer where the Carrier was purchased and they will have the necessary information to assist with the upgrade of the carrier.

The specific technical upgrade proposed by Chariot Carriers is being review by the CPSC. Full details about the
recall will be made public upon approval from the CPSC. Thule Child Transport Systems, Ltd’s voluntary cooperation with this campaign does not constitute an admission that either reportable information or a substantial product hazard exists.

Thule isn't requesting any consumer return their product. Thule CTS has simply identified an opportunity to
improve the Chariot Trailer kits and consumers of existing carriers are being given the opportunity to take
advantage of the same upgrade through the recall.

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