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Storm Rips Kansas, Farther East Escapes

Published March 30, 2009

HUTCHINSON, KS (BRAIN)—Kansas felt more like Chicago this past weekend, burying parts of the Jayhawk State in more than two feet of snow and knocking out power to at least 17,000 homes and businesses.


"We had to close early on Friday, and all day on Saturday," said Bob Updegraff, owner of Harley's Bicycles in Hutchinson, Kansas. "We had a pretty good month running too. We usually don't see storms of this kind of magnitude."

A weekend snowstorm also caused power outages, traffic accidents and flight delays in Chicago.

"I thought I would have been able to put the shovel away for the winter," said Kevin Corsello, owner of Get a Grip Cycles in Chicago.

The three-to-five inches snow didn't hurt sales at all, however.

"This weekend was really good," Corsello said. "We sold some Serottas." Corsello said that he's also seen a recent sales increase when it comes to labor and accessories.

Wheel & Sprocket manager Liza Le Claire said it was business as usual for its six stores located in Wisconsin.

"The snow melted by the end of the day," Liza Le Claire said.

As long as the snow stays away for Wheel & Sprocket's Bike Expo this coming weekend Le Claire will be happy. With more than 1,500 bikes and thousands of accessories and clothing on sale, it's sure to be a good time—weather permitting, of course.

—Jason Norman

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