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REI Launching Bike Your Drive iPhone App

Published June 8, 2009

SEATTLE, WA (BRAIN)— REI is launching the Bike Your Drive mobile iPhone application, a free interactive tool that helps cyclists track, view and share their bicycling experiences.

It's available for free through the Apple iPhone app store or by visiting: (click on link).

Whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store, or a long training ride with friends, the customizable application allows users to view their bicycling progress, pinpoint and save their bicycle mileage, upload geotagged photos to document their ride and measure gas savings as well as individual CO2 offset. Second generation iPhone users with GPS capabilities can capture their bicycle experience in real-time, wherever and whenever they ride.

"Most people carry their phone when they're outdoors, so we wanted to create a mobile tool that was easy and fun for bicyclists," said Tom Vogl, vice president of marketing for REI. "Using GPS functionality and geotag capabilities, we created a user-friendly application that lets you bring your friends along for the ride."

The REI Bike Your Drive iPhone application was designed to be approachable and easy to understand for bicyclists of all levels and interests. Its one-touch functionality makes it easy to view progress on a bike trip, including: location, average speed, distance, elevation, compass heading, time elapsed and calories burned.

In addition to showing the specific location map of a ride, users may tap the "map view" function to create a visual interactive trip report of their ride. Photos taken along the trip are automatically geotagged, and plotted so that the ride may be shared with family, friends or the broader bicycling community.

The application can also calculate an individual's personal overall carbo offsets from riding a bike instead of driving a car. Users input the details of their car and average gas prices in their area for customized CO2 offsets data and overall gas savings.

Maps, rides, photos and ride history are saved for quick tracking through, a platform created for geotagged-user generated travel content.

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