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Colorado Shop Moving to Visible Locale

Published July 14, 2011

WINDSOR, CO (BRAIN)—David Roberts has enlisted a small local army of friends and customers to help him ride the bikes over from his current Spokes Inc. store to a larger space on Main Street in Windsor, Colorado, tomorrow, in a quasi “bike parade.”

The new store is only a half-mile down the street so the likelihood of damaging the bikes is much less than if he stacked them in a truck, said Roberts, the store’s owner.

The new building used to house a video store and much of the space has been developed into condos. But Roberts is leasing what’s left. He’s had to remodel extensively as it had no bathroom, no sinks and limited lighting and electrical. But the landowner is picking up the tab for the bulk of the build out, Roberts said.

And while the leased space will up his monthly rent, it adds close to 1,000 square feet. The 2,800-square-foot store will feature a larger retail show floor and Roberts said he will add an extra bay in the service department. “We’re hoping to bring in more product and be able to represent our suppliers a bit better,” said Roberts, 44.

About 50 percent of his inventory is made up of Giant bikes. Other main lines include Electra, Felt and Haro. Spokes employs three, but Roberts said if business improves as a result of the move, he may need to hire. He’s also extending his store hours to include Mondays. He’s currently open Tuesday through Saturday.

But even more important than more space is the increased visibility. “Even though I do have a Main Street address, there’s an Egg & I in front of me and a gas station. So I have indirect visibility right now. With the new store I gain Main Street frontage,” Roberts said.

Roberts had been eyeing the new space for some time but he couldn’t afford it. Long-term vacancy finally convinced the landowner to come down on price, he said.

Spokes Inc. has been in business for five years and does most of its sales volume in family bikes such as beach cruisers and hybrid and comfort models. Electra Townie, Giant Cypress and Sedona models are hot sellers. Roberts said his shop also sells quite a bit of BMX bikes and parts. “We’re probably one of the only shops in Northern Colorado that directly supports the BMX crowd,” Roberts said. “I actually have stock and keep it inventoried.”

A grand re-opening celebration is set to take place the first week of August.

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