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Mann Group offers GEAR training at lower cost

Published June 14, 2016

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (BRAIN) — The Mann Group, a retail sales and management training firm, is repackaging its GEAR sales training for the bike industry. Previously the program was only offered in-store and cost $5,500 as Dan Mann, founder and president of Mann Group, would offer two full days of training in person at a retailer.

Now retailers can buy GEAR and implement it at their stores for $575.

"We've taken all of our materials and coupled them with podcasts. Now we don't have to come to a store. Our thinking is, we have enough stores that need help and it's prohibitive to get to all of them," Mann said.

"We've always felt we have to come in and do this [training] face to face. While I think that's best, a lot of people can't afford it or they can't take the time to do it," he added. "This is dirt cheap and shops can start implementing it tomorrow. We think it's pretty exciting and we've had an early good response."

The lower price includes a training manual for the owner of the business, a large poster that shows the step-by-step process for selling, and four 10-minute podcasts that walk staff through the selling process. "We're also planning to offer a monthly webinar for anyone that takes this course, free," Mann said.

Instead of an 8 to 20-hour workshop, the new GEAR training requires a 10-minute daily effort.

Retailers can purchase the GEAR sales training package at The Mann Group's website (

The Mann Group offers retail sales and management/leadership training in several markets including bike, outdoor, running, ski, flyfishing and photography. It also works with some bike brands on training and strategy planning.

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