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Velofix sells 50th mobile bike repair franchise

Published June 14, 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Velofix says it has passed the 50-franchise benchmark for its mobile repair business. With the recent sale of multiple franchises in Southern Florida, the company has now sold 55 locations and said it is on track to hit 100 by year's end.

"We've always believed that consumers would choose convenience and the highest level of customer service," said Velofix co-founder Chris Guillemet. "With over 55 franchises now sold, it is clear that the consumer values a direct mobile service. The number of customers across the United States and Canada who've shown us that they simply prefer taking advantage of premium service and direct delivery wherever it's convenient for them has been staggering. There's no question in our minds that Velofix will continue to grow rapidly and be a game changer in the retail bicycle industry."

Velofix launched its first mobile shop in January 2013 and has quickly grown to have representation in every major Canadian market as well as most major American markets (link to Velofix locations).

Besides repairs, Velofix operations offer sales of components, accessories and sports nutrition. Velofix franchises also offer fleet sales and maintenance, employee repair, and lunchtime learning sessions for bicycle safety and basic maintenance education for corporate clients.


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