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Poison Spider trademark lawsuit continues

Published June 16, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (BRAIN) — Settlement talks have apparently stalled between the Moab retailer Poison Spider Bicycles and the California-based offroad vehicle supplier Poison Spyder Customs.

The bike shop is suing the offroad vehicle brand, which is owned by Tap Manufacturing, alleging trademark infringement.

According to court filings, in early May a Utah magistrate judge granted a one-month extension to a deadline for Tap to respond to the bike shop's complaint, which the shop filed in February. Lawyers for both sides had requested the extension to give them time to negotiate a settlement.

Any settlement talks were apparently unfruitful, however, because Tap Manufacturing filed its response on May 30, denying all of the complaint's claims. In addition to denying the claims, Tap asserted that the bike shop waited too long to make its complaint about the alleged infringements, which the company said are now barred by the statute of limitations. Tap also said that there have been no real damages incurred by the bike shop as a result of any infringement.

Both sides have previously declined to comment to BRAIN about the suit.

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