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Bike Shop SEO launches e-commerce reporting service for online retailers

Published March 14, 2017

LOUISVILLE, Colo. (BRAIN) — Bike Shop SEO has a new e-commerce reporting service that the company said reduces time building sales and marketing reports, and attributes sales to proper marketing channels.

The service unifies website usage and online sales data, with popular analytics tools from Google and others in a dashboard that allows a retailer to see their website's health and make marketing decisions in real time.

Jay Townley, a founding partner of the Gluskin Townley Group said, "I have been talking to (Bike Shop SEO founder) Noah Learner about his new e-commerce reporting service and have visited the dashboard he will be providing to bike shops and am very impressed with its ability to give owners and managers a complete global understanding of the consumer inquiries, visits, click-through rate and revenue streams the search engines and SEO services are actually generating for their business – and they will see this complete picture in real time! I highly recommend every bike shop with commerce enabled website contact Noah and consider"

Learner said, "I'm excited to offer this service because it solves problems bike shops face. Bike shops spend money on search engine optimization, digital marketing and search marketing (AdWords etc) and often they can't tell if they are getting an ROI. This service provides that insight and in real time."

There are currently two packages :

  • An SEO + Traffic Dashboard: for shops that don't do Search Marketing and unifies data website usage and sales Data in real time.
  • An E-commerce Dashboard: for shops that also use AdWords Campaigns. Includes SEO + Traffic Dashboard and adds AdWords data.

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