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Bike rental provider Blazing Saddles partners with Spinlister Pro

Published March 24, 2017
Spinlister expands its bike-shop program with agreement with nation's largest bike rental provider.

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Spinlister, which began as an online peer-to-peer bike rental platform (something like Airbnb for bikes) has signed a long-term agreement with Blazing Saddles, which may be the country's largest bike rental operation. Blazing Saddles has 11 rental locations in San Francisco and New York City, with more than 2,000 bikes to rent across its locations.

Spinlister announced Spinlister Pro, its bike rental system for IBDs, last October

Blazing Saddles locations are now using Spinlister Pro technology, which includes customer-facing kiosks with iPads and an online dashboard. Consumers can rent bikes at the kiosks or ahead of time via the company's website or mobile app.

"When it comes to better serving our customers, increasing efficiency and decreasing wait times are paramount," said Bruno Wanderley, vice president of operations at Blazing Saddles. "Spinlister Pro's customer-facing kiosks have helped us reduce sign-up times by over 50 percent, and their rental management software ensures that our customers receive an optimal rental experience from start to finish."

"Spinlister is thrilled to bring our experience and expertise in the sharing economy to bike shops like Blazing Saddles," said Spinlister CEO Marcelo Loureiro. "The Spinlister Pro in-store solution continues our pursuit of making cycling more accessible around the world, and our partnership with Blazing Saddles only furthers that mission."

Spinlister Pro handles everything from payments, contracts and bike selection to theft and damage protection.

"Customer satisfaction is critical to our success," says Wanderly. "With Spinlister Pro's deposit authorization and protection features, our customers don't have to worry about large holds on their credit cards, and we can breathe easy knowing our bikes are protected."

Blazing Saddles will be installing Spinlister Pro kiosks at all of its San Francisco and New York locations.

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