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How to subscribe or renew your subscription to BRAIN

Published July 25, 2017
Including the super secret link for retailers.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. (BRAIN) — If you are only reading BRAIN online, you aren’t getting the full story.

While we publish news online every day, we also (still) publish a print magazine 18 times a year.  If you haven’t seen our print magazine in a while, you’ve been missing out because almost everything in print never appears online.  The includes regular print columns like State of Retail, Tech Briefs, Trade Watch, Mad Dog Unleashed and Through the Grapevine. 

The print magazine contains more analysis and opinion than the website, including editorials and guest editorials. Plus, every issue has Patrick O’Grady’s Shop Talk, which has to be the longest running bike shop cartoon in the history of bike shop cartoons.

If you are a retailer in the United States or Canada who meets our criteria, your subscription to BRAIN is free! Here is the super-secret hidden link to our free qualified subscriber page (cover your eyes if you aren't qualified):

Free Subscription Page

For those of you that already have a subscription, you need to renew it to maintain your subscription. The US Postal Service has some rules about keeping our subscriber lists up to date and we do our best to comply. We have to keep our lists current and that means you have to renew your subscription every three years, otherwise we will drop you from our lists. 

Some of you will receive an email this week reminding you it’s time to renew your subscription. Please don’t delete it! Failure to renew will result in your subscription being canceled.

You can also go online now and renew your subscription with just the simple 6-digit subscriber ID on the postage strip on the front of the magazine.

Renewal Page 

The magazine is published 18 times a year in print and digital format. You can opt for both print and digital. If you’re concerned about the environment and don’t want to kill trees, or you don’t like magazines piling up on your desk, you can sign up for a digital-only edition and we’ll email the digital edition to you. 

If you’re not sure whether your subscription is due to expire, you need to make an update, or you want to start a new subscription you can also call our subscription hotline, 818-286-3129, and speak to an actual live human being.

If you prefer to avoid conversation, you can use the Contact Us form at and select "circulation" from the drop down menu to send an email to our circulation department. 

We’ll also be at Interbike and you can stop by our booth and subscribe or renew in person.

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