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Serotta relaunching his bike brand

Published February 20, 2020

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (BRAIN) — After spending the past six years traveling the world as a bike designer and supply-chain consultant, Ben Serotta will relaunch his iconic bike brand this spring.

In the coming months, Serotta's refocus is on building metal bikes in steel, aluminum and titanium offerings. Steel and aluminum models will be available in March, with titanium beginning in early summer.

"We expect to introduce additional products every six months or so after that," Serotta said. "It's hard to imagine a future product line that does not include an e-bike option whether that is purely in the road range or well outside of it is to be determined."

Focus at first will be on three road designs: Duetti (mostly pavement), Modomio (pavement/dirt and gravel) and Scappero (mostly dirt and gravel and trail). Each will be available in three price groups defined mainly by the frame material. Prices for complete bikes will start at $3,995 and top out at $11,500 or more with available upgrades. Serotta said the models will be constructed with new "gen-next" proprietary tubing and paired with carbon forks.

"Longer term, we'll add other models based on what my team and I love to ride and then believe we can deliver something exceptional," Serotta said. "Nothing is off the table."

Serotta was founded in 1972, and the company has been through several iterations. In 2012, Serotta announced it had partnered with financial services group Bradway Capital. The next year, it joined the Divine Cycling Group, an investment group formed in 2012. DCG later went bankrupt.

When asked about trademark rights, Serotta said, "We are comfortable with our position.”

Serotta launched the Serotta Design Studio in 2017. And while Serotta said he will keep the studio active and continue to do some consulting, the lure of full-time bike building couldn't be ignored.

"There will always be a place for a company that pulls off exceptional, extraordinary, elevating. ... That potential is a powerful driving force, and it's the key to fueling the journey forward," Serotta said. "I guess you could say that it's a fire I have that never went out. I just had to notice that it was still there and apply it. So, with the help of an awesome, small and growing team, Serotta, the bicycle company, has a reason, energy and fuel to be.

"Above all else, our goal is to deliver a superior end result to each consumer by applying our deep understanding of bike fit and personalized design coupled with a service network of unsurpassed competency and eliminating any uncertainty."

As a case in point, Serotta said, "for the most part, we will avoid shipping a bicycle to someone's home in a box."

To meet his company's commitment, Serotta is currently establishing a network of industry professionals, including a number of select IBDs, who will work in concert with Serotta's home office. He anticipates establishing relationships with 15 retailers in North America, 10 in Europe and five elsewhere.

Professional bike fitters, physical therapists, coaches, trainers and podiatrists, mechanics and specialty retailers who would like to be considered for membership in the Serotta Cycling Service Professionals Network should send a detailed CV to In the email subject write: Your Profession (i.e. Bike Fitter, etc.) network application. These are not positions of direct employment but will be limited contractual and/or referral relationships.

The network will consist of regional "teams" each bringing together a matrix of options including brand ambassadors, individual independent providers, private practices and select specialty retailers. "Together, our network team will offer customers an unprecedented level of excellence and consistency in service along with options to best suit their personal schedules and needs," Serotta said.

Assembly will be done regionally, where final setup can be tailored to the individual cyclist, said Serotta, who added the specialty tubing and forks will be principally manufactured in Taiwan. Most frame fabrication and finishing will be completed within a couple hours of Serotta's home base in upstate New York.

"Simply, our absolute promise is to our customers, to whom we promise the best product, period," he said.

Ben Serotta will have steel and aluminum models available in March.

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