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NBDA renews contract with Gluskin Townley Group to produce Market Overview

Published December 19, 2016

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (BRAIN) — The National Bicycle Dealers Association has renewed its contract with the Gluskin Townley Group to produce the NBDA's annual U.S. Bicycle Market Overview. It will be the 13th consecutive year that the group has produced the report, dating back to when Gluskin Townley partner Jay Townley produced the report before he teamed with Elliot Glusking to form GTG.

"I reviewed previous year's reports and had discussions with GTG and Jay about adding another source of bike shop channel statistics and I think we can look forward to an even more complete market overview report for the 2016 season so we will have clearer insights into what happened and what bike shops and suppliers can do to make 2017 a better and hopefully more profitable year," said Todd Grant, the president of the NBDA.

The U.S. Bicycle Market Overview Report relies on bicycle import and export data from the U.S. Department of Commerce and also the annual release of Bicycle Riding Participation data from the National Sporting Goods Association, Townley said.

"We expect the commerce department data will be available, as it is every year, in mid-to late March and the NSGA top-line data in late March or early April of next year, so all of the other sections will be prepared so we can complete the 2016 bicycle market overview report as early in April 2017 as possible," said Townley.

The cover price on the NBDA U.S. Bicycle Market Overview Reports is $199 for association members and $299 for non-members and is sent as a PDF file attached to an email.

Fred Clements, the NBDA's vice president, noted that the report annual attracts interest from more than just IBDs. "This market overview report is definitely a member benefit and another reason non-members should join, and every year we get quite a few inquiries and orders from venture capital firms, banks and other types of investors and financial institutions who are interested in this annual report," Clements said. 

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