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Loeka offering recyclable women's bike wear

Published August 9, 2012

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) Thursday August 9 2012 9:29 AM MT— Loeka Clothing is launching a line of fully recyclable women's cycling clothing.

Customers will be able to return any Loeka clothing item to the company or to participating retailers to be reused and recycled. The customers will receive a 10 percent off coupon toward a new purchase.

"Loeka clothing doesn’t wear out; but styles change and our riders like to update their wardrobes. Now we’re giving them the opportunity to give back to the community and the environment," said owner Rory Harmse.

“This is the first step in our long-term plans of establishing a fully sustainable business. Our customers love the outdoors, we love the outdoors and want to do our part as a local business to make sure we’re taking care of it,” said Harmse. “We want to recycle every piece of Loeka clothing that we have made, reducing our CO2 emissions by 80 percent and reducing our energy consumption by 84 percent or enough to power one house for a year.”

All clothing returned for recycling will be reused to extend the fabric lifespan. Second generation items can be returned again, to be recycled into new fibers to make new clothing.

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