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No time to be social? The Bike Co-op helps out

Published March 12, 2013

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN) — The Bike Cooperative has a new platform that helps retailers create and share social media content.

The cooperative will provide dealers with original content that can be fed automatically to a store's Facebook or Twitter account. The system also allows suppliers to give stores content featuring their products. The system allows retailers to easily edit and customize the messages before they go out.

The content provided by the Co-op includes riding and safety tips, links to biking and advocacy articles, amusing and entertaining pictures and videos, and inspirational quotes.

"Essentially, we’re doing the legwork for stores that don’t have the time to manage social media accounts themselves or the budget to hire a dedicated person," said the Co-op's Tim Leaver.

The new program is called "One Stop Social" and is already up and running for dealers. The Co-op is now focused on integrating suppliers into the platform, said president Scott Barrett.

“This can be an extremely powerful tool for brands,” said Barrett. “Many (brands) are already posting great content, but it’s only being viewed by their own audience of followers. One Stop Social takes it a step further — brands now have a way to take their content and easily funnel it down to the store level to reach the audience they want most: the retailers’ customers.”

The Bike Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative that provides members with exclusive product specials and rebates, consumer financing and credit card processing programs, advertising services, and training in management and sales.

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