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SBS hires Sorenson

Published April 8, 2013

SEATTLE, WA (BRAIN) — Seattle Bike Suppy has hired Dirk Sorenson as marketing manager, the senior member of the distributor's marketing department. Sorenson’s 15-plus-year marketing career includes an extensive background working with leading action sports and consumer packaged goods products.

“I am wildly excited to come to Seattle Bike Supply," Sorenson said. "Joining a great team so focused on independent bike dealer success is incredibly motivating. I am committed to those same goals and am enthused to help position our brands, products and services to exceed the expectations of our customers.”

“Dirk adds expertise in understanding the consumer, catering to dealer needs, branding and product positioning that will support our incredible marketing and product development group. His broad marketing skillset will be invaluable as we grow Seattle Bike Supply’s business," said Seattle Bike Supply president Greg Blackwell.

SBS is owned by Accell Group.

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