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Felt to end new model year introductions

Published July 14, 2015

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) — Felt Bicycles announced Tuesday that it will end traditional new model year introductions after its 2016 line and revert to what it calls “The Living Line.” Michael Forte, Felt’s general manager, said that traditional model years will cease at Felt and that decision could lead to its exit from Eurobike and Interbike this year. Company executives are now in discussion with trade show executives over whether to leave the shows.

“With The Living Line, this is the last model year for Felt,” Forte said. The company has told its European distributors and is slowly rolling out the decision at several dealer events to be held at its Irvine offices later this year.

Forte said the company would launch new models when ready. No longer will media events or trade shows dictate model timing. Product will remain in the line as long as it’s relevant and will be replaced when necessary, Forte said during a noon presentation at what will be its last new model year introduction.

The decision, Forte said, allows the company to better allocate its resources and will help the company stay focused on its projects. “We won’t be lost in traditional industry product launches,” he said. It also will allow Felt to more clearly communicate with dealers and consumers about its newest models.

While Forte said the new system will help the company better plan availability and control inventory, it will also help dealers avoid what has become a pattern of early season discounting, particularly in the heart of the sales season of May and June.

“It’s not going to be easy and it does present challenges, but the industry has been complaining about this for years. We hope others will join us and do it,” Forte said.


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