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Major bike-related products not included in Trump's new China tariff list

Published April 4, 2018
UPDATED that GPS units may be subject to the increased tariff.

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Industry importers can breathe a sigh of relief: There are no major bike-related product categories among the 1,300 types of Chinese products the Trump administration named Tuesday to receive an extra 25 percent tariff.

Bicycles and bicycle components are imported under Harmonized Tariff Schedule codes that start with 8712 or 8714, and all such import categories are missing from the list. Imports of Chinese motorcycles imported under HTS codes starting with 8711 do receive the tariff, as do motorcycle parts that start with 8714.

Given the number of categories listed, industry importers may be directly affected, like those importing GPS units under the HTS code of 85269100, which does receive the additional tariff, or making use of components that receive the additional tariff.

On the apparel side, while footwear-making machines receive the tariff, no footwear itself receives it. Likewise, most clothing categories are exempted. 

Motivation for the tariffs is the administration's belief that China has a history of forcing U.S. companies to surrender intellectual property and trade secrets to do business in China. The punitive tariffs are an attempt to redress this imbalance. 

A few days ago, China announced tariffs on 128 U.S. products, about $3 billion worth of U.S. exports, mostly agricultural products. Now, in response to the Trump administration spelling out the 1,300 Chinese imports to receive the tariff, China has responded by saying it is readying an additional list of 106 U.S. imports affected. The escalation of the tit-for-tat trade war suggests more imports could be hit with tariffs.

Printing the tariff list starts a 60-day public comment and review period, with submission of post-hearing rebuttal comments due by May 22. After that the tariff list might be revised and the date at which the tariffs go into effect will be announced.  


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