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Gravity Cartel working with Oris Intel for MAP compliance

Published May 10, 2018

VANCOUVER, Wash. (BRAIN) — The Gravity Cartel, the U.S. office for Spank Industries and iXS Protection, has signed up with Oris Intel to use the company's PROWL software to monitor its MAP policy and ensure accuracy of products sold through online channels.

"Spank and iXS have had a US MAP policy in place since 2013, and we have been successful in keeping it in place this long. With the increase of online players and third-party marketplaces it was just getting harder to figure out who some of these sellers were. This software from Oris makes my job much easier to identify and communicate our policies with all online sellers," said Victor Sandrin, national sales manager for Spank and iXS.

"We have great new products coming out and in development, and we can only continue to push the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities if our brands' value is maintained through the retail channel. No one can stop the online marketplace, but we can control how our brands are sold and ensuring there is value are maintained," Sandrin added.

The Gravity Cartel was created in 2013 as a joint effort between Spank and iXS to bring their brands to the U.S. market and provide service to consumers, dealers and distributors.

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