You are here and Bunyon Travel combine to launch bi-annual print publication

Published July 2, 2018

LONGMONT, Colo. (BRAIN) — and Bunyan Velo are working together to introduce a new bi-annual print publication called The Bikepacking Journal. The journal will be more than 130 pages of stories and photography.


"We've carefully considered every detail in the journal's production, from paper stocks, to inks, to finishing techniques. To this end, it's our hope that each issue will be a keepsake worth savoring and proudly displaying on the coffee table," said Lucas Winzenburg, the founder of Bunyan Velo and editor-in-chief of The Bikepacking Journal.

The Bikepacking Journal will be offered as part of the Bikepacking Collective, a new membership program for

"Bikepacking Collective contributions will go toward building a better, more sustainable, and creating original bikepacking routes, authentic stories, and quality guides and reportage. A Bikepacking Collective membership also includes access to exclusive merchandise, industry discounts, prizes, and a voice in the future of the website," the company said.

The inaugural issue of The Bikepacking Journal will be printed and shipped in early October, with subsequent issues published in March and October of each year. More information at

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