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Altor's newest lock designed to resist portable angle grinders

Published August 15, 2019

STERLING, Va. (BRAIN) — With battery-powered grinders becoming a favorite tool among bike thieves, Altor Locks has developed its own cutting-edge technology.

Its newest lock, the SAF, is 80mm in diameter and weighs 13.7 pounds. The semi-hollow alloy material is designed and advertised to resist portable angle grinders, preventing the blade from breaching the core hardened steel locking structure.

Altor tested the SAF against three of Popular Mechanics' top angle grinders. All three failed within four to six minutes because of one or more of the following: battery dying, overheating or broken grinder disc.

"The impetus for design was the repeated requests we got in our inbox to build something to defend against angle grinders," said Jon Akers, head of Altor Locks sales and marketing. "Angle grinders are the most common tool used by thieves today in major cities."

The SAF Lock features a vinyl and silicone outer coating to protect against scuffing. Not intended to be a portable, the lock's heavyweight construction is designed to provide overnight security.

"This is a very different target market for us," Akers said. "We have been a lightweight lock company for years and now make a lock nearly the weight of a chain lock. Our target market is for people who live in cities and leave their bike locked up outside their house. The SAF Lock was designed to stay put, to be left either at home or work, where you lock your bike up for prolong periods."

Altor Locks, which began selling lightweight titanium locks three years ago through Kickstarter, offers the SAF through Indiegogo for $199. It will be available at that price for the next 27 days. Then the lock will retail for $299.

Altor Locks' SAF is 80mm in diameter and weighs 13.7 pounds.

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