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Burley, North St. Bags collaborate on upcycled gear bag line

Published August 18, 2021

EUGENE, Ore. (BRAIN) — Outdoor brand Burley released a limited-edition collection of bags in collaboration with North St. Bags that are constructed with nearly 80% upcycled materials.

Burley transformed unsold trailer components to create the bags, using fabric and trims from excess trailer covers, floor mats, and sunshades. With this collaboration, more than 350 trailer covers were kept out of the landfill.

"Sustainability is important to us. It is a main driver behind our intentionality in designing durable products and offering an extensive line of replacement parts to support them," said Burley marketing manager Kim Marek. "When we came across a stockpile of replacement trailer covers that were planned to be obsoleted, we brainstormed ways to bring new life to these materials instead of having them head to the landfill. An upcycled project with North St. Bags immediately came to mind. ...."

Based in Portland, Oregon, North St. Bags is a small-scale production bag shop that specializes in biking bags and accessories. Its products are made in-house using materials primarily from the U.S. In addition to being neighbors, North St. Bags and Burley also share a commitment to sustainability.

"It's really a dream come true to work with another Oregon company on a lifecycle project like this," said North St. Bags sales and marketing manager at Sam Lisieski. "At North St., we talk a lot about balancing efficiency and quality on our production line. Making great gear is the cornerstone of what we do, but we're also balancing physical and emotional needs. In the end, it's our values that bring us together as a team and get us in front of the sewing machines to do the work we do. So, a project like this, it just makes sense. There is so much room for this kind of thoughtfulness in manufacturing, and we can't wait to see what we get up to next."

Burley's North St. Bags are part of its family, cargo, and pet products. The bags are available in three styles, each available in multiple colors: the Pioneer 8 Hip Pack ($49.99), Pittock Pouch ($17.99), and the Pioneer 8 Hip & Handlebar Pack ($64.99).

More information about these products can be found at

Burley Pittock Pouch.
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